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Frets on fire sound pack

Full list of songs from guitar hero: on tour, including exclusive tracks of the European territory. supported instruments: Guitar, Bass. song list. Songs Sound Mods for Frets on Fire X (FOFIX) Your browser doesn't support HTML audio. Guitar Hero: On Tour Songs Pack · FoFiX - Frets on Fire X. Game. Frets on Fire X. Songs · Ezequiel-TM avatar. Ezequiel-TM username pic Joined 4y ago. MUGEN Manager HL Manager SC Manager. you do not see. Life Tree Flag. A Frets on Fire X (FOFIX) Sound Mod in the Songs category, submitted by Ezequiel-TM.

Pack name, Difficulties, Fretted By, Forum Page. A|M|H (Legacy), Expert, Various, Link. Guitar Hero On Tour Series, All, Activision; compiled by MrIcePickle, Link. Guitar Hero Series, All, Harmonix, Activision; compiled by Bluzer, Link. PPD: CftG (GH1-GH:OT FB WIP), All, Activision and The—-Way; organized by YB6, Link. Sonata Arctica, Peacemaker (FoF Hero 1), Amazing + Medium, -, Brutus13FoF, converted by Apru, Link. Sonata Arctica Sonata Arctica, Wolf & Raven, Medium, -, FOF Spain Comandos, Link. Sonata Arctica Sound Of Animals Fighting, The, Act 2: All Is Ash Or The Light Shining Through It? -, brandonhero, Link. Sound Of . Lostprophets, The Fake Sound Of Progress, Amazing, Guitar, Thebocaj, Link. Lostprophets, Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast), Amazing, Guitar, Vindog34, Link. Loudness, S.D.I., Amazing, Medium, Guitar, Angevil, Link. LoveHateHero, Goodbye My Love, All, Guitar, binomialboy, Link. Loverboy, Lovin' Every Minute of It.

11 Sep Whats Your Favorite *charted* Song? Speed Of Sound. 9. 75%. No Fav. 3. 25%. Total votes: Your vote has been cast. HolyFretz: Member: Posts: Joined: June 21st, Reputation: 0. 16 Dec I can't think of a title yet. Expect one soon. I'm making this while I make METAL MAYHEM!. The main difference between this video game song pack and the last one is I want there to be a theme. Good vs. Evil. (Ridiculously corny, I know.) So I want one song to sound REALLY happy/positive (like me.). Free download page for Project Frets on Fire Song Packs's Song song downloads for Frets on Fire, synchronized by Daniel Schmidt. Feel free to ask for new songs in the Feature Requests.


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