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Digital Art Solutions of Tempe, Arizona has introduced the company's next generation rhinestone apparel decoration software, StoneCut Pro. This multi- decoration software is based on the industry leading SmartCut Pro software architecture. The software is a powerful multi-decoration platform for producing rhinestone heat. StoneCut is add-on software that transforms CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator into a powerful rhinestone pattern design and production system. The software features a set of powerful design functions for converting vector images into complex rhinestone patterns. State of the art design tools will automatically convert vector. Hello, Over the past few months I have visited this site often and have alway enjoyed the information provided by many of you. My question is if anyone has an opinion about the StoneCut Pro software from Digital Art Solutions for Rhinestones. It is very expensive which I don't mind paying for if it is worth it.

You can also transfer the cut stencil to a permanent backer board for storage. Some rhinestone programs, including StoneCut and StoneCut Pro, have a double cut feature that will improve weeding, especially for ss6 stones. Cutter Settings: Blade Type: 60 Degree narrow blade (see photo below, a wider blade will not cut. Here's a great review of StoneCUT Pro: "If you don't own Stone Cut Pro yet, GET IT. It is a must for all rhinestone businesses. If you have Smart Cut. How can I uninstall Stone Cut Pro completely from my computer? This question is not only asked by you. Many computer users are also searching for the solutions to remove Stone Cut Pro from their computer systems. It's very easy to install a program, as what you need to do is to double click on its installer and follow its.

Yes our Rhinestone Designs are compatible with StoneCut Pro. Each Rhinestone Design Download comes in a folder that contains the design in EPS File type. EPS file type works with StoneCut Pro. Open a new work page and select the "import" option to select and open your design. Modify the design as you wish or if you. I am showing StoneCutPro which states it can be used as a stand alone or operated with AI or corel. StoneCut Pro. StoneCut Pro is the primary software component in the Patent Pending Digital Art Solutions Rhinestone System™. StoneCut Pro can be operated as a stand-alone multi-decoration software or. Anchor Diamond Pro® retaining wall systems have been trusted by contractors and homeowners for decades. The Anchor Diamond Pro Stone Cut® retaining wall system combines durability with rich, rough-hewn beauty. The Anchor Diamond Pro retaining wall is an ideal choice for large projects. Architects, engineers and.


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