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Sound horizon stardust

StarDust,, Sound Horizon, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search, words to song,song words,video game music,game music,music game. 3 Jan Girl from StarDust by yokoyan. She appears to be much older than the four other heroines of the ABYSS songs, presumably in her early twenties, though her actual age is not given. She has long, curly blond hair that reaches her shoulders . Red is her predominant color, as reflected by her eyes, lips, dress. 2 Jan “Perhaps she is my Elys ” We fit each other, right? With this, we're a match made in heaven, right? ah, pure bliss StarDust. Women aren't simply mute, adorable《dolls》 -my dear, do you understand? We aren't tools to satisfy your miniscule ego[thing] -does the moonlit night's《split personality》[another].

StarDust lyrics by Sound Horizon: Osoroi ne watashitachi kore de osoroi ne aa shiawase Stardust / Onna wa monoiwanu kawaii dake no Doll. Sound Horizon – StarDust. August 13, (「彼女こそ私のエリスなのだろうか 」) (“kanojo koso watashi no ERISU na no darou ka ”) (“Perhaps she is my Elyse ”) お揃いね私達 これでお揃いね あぁ幸せ osoroi ne watashi-tachi kore de osoroi ne aa shiawase We match, don't we? Now we match ah, I'm so happy .


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