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Lyrics to Sweet Gravity by Due West. Lyrics: I used to hate this town/Lately that's all turned around/The road I used to pray would take me out of here/Now. 24 Aug The noise as the wave broke was preternaturally low, a basso profundo of utter violence, and the force pulling me backward and upward felt like some nightmare inversion of gravity. Again, I managed to escape, and when I finally surfaced I was far outside. There were no more waves, which was fortunate. Also, I think the reference is more relevant because both of these songs are sort of meant to be sweet, but also funny "I Want" songs. Audrey dreaming of "a grill out on the patio, disposal in the sink" is humorously naive as is Nabulungi dreaming of a place where "they have vitamin injections by the case.".

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